Radiohead - Meeting People Is Easy

Radiohead – Meeting People Is Easy

Meeting People Is Easy, first released on 30 November 1998, is a rockumentary by Grant Gee following British alternative rock band Radiohead on their exhaustive world tour following the success of their 1997 album OK Computer. The film was nominated for a Grammy Award in the “Best Long Form Music Video” category in 2000.

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“Meeting people is easy” is a pretty good documentary of Radiohead’s OK Computer world tour. It abruptly begins with concerts (bits and pieces), photo shoots, behind the scenes and interviews with the media through Europe, USA, Japan, Australia and ends back the UK where you hear them recording music for their next 2 albums (Kid A and Amnesiac).

Its not really a coherent documentary, with scenes cutting back & forth and some arty stuff chucked in for the sake of it, but this DVD shows the media attention and coverage they received, all because of their highly regarded album OK Computer… they were the in band at the time.

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