All the President's Men, Revisited

All the President’s Men, Revisited

Sundance Productions, which Robert Redford owns, produced a two-hour documentary entitled “All The Presidents Men” Revisited.

The documentary focuses on the Watergate case and the subsequent film adaptation, simultaneously retelling how the Washington Post broke Watergate and how the scandal unfolded, going behind the scenes of the film and answering such questions as how Watergate would be covered in the present day, whether such a scandal could happen again and who the real Richard Nixon was. The revelation of W. Mark Felt as Deep Throat was also covered.

Footage from the film is used, as well as interviews with not only central characters and actors such as Woodward, Bernstein, Redford, Hoffman, Bradlee and John Dean but also media stars such as Tom Brokaw, Jill Abramson, Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart. The documentary earned a 2013 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Documentary Or Nonfiction Special.

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